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We live in a multicultural multinational world.  In the context of globalization, intercultural communication, interaction between countries and nationalities, international marriages and the integration of cultures have become a common thing.  The main problem of overcoming the difficulties of interaction in this context is not even the language barrier, but the lack of understanding of cultures, unawareness of traditions, social norms, rules of conduct and mentality of residents of other countries.

The aim of this work is to help to overcome the cultural clash of great Britain and Russia on the basis of similarities and differences of their traditions.

Tasks of work:

- to analyze the level of knowledge of traditions and customs of Great Britain by schoolchildren (social survey);

- to study the peculiarities of the traditions of Great Britain and Russia in the main areas: the traditions of the main holidays (wedding, Christmas, New Year);

- to make a comparative description of their similarities and differences;

- analyze how modern schoolchildren know the similarities and differences in the traditions and customs of the studied countries (social survey).

The significance of the work lies in the possibility of applying the analysis to a more effective integration into the intercultural community, which will greatly help mutual understanding of nationalities with the aim to establish international relations in various spheres of life (business, tourism, interpersonal relations, etc.).

The object of the research is the cultural diversity of Great Britain and Russia, while the subject of the research is the similarity and difference of these cultures.


Research methods:

• Analysis of theoretical and Internet sources.

• Questionnaire.

• Analytical and graphical methods for processing research results.

The novelty of the work: despite the fact that the traditions and customs of both Great Britain and Russia are rather well studied, the novelty lies in the comparative approach to these characteristics, identifying common patterns, their grouping, analysis.

Practical value: as an additional material for classroom hours and conversations, to enhance the linguistic culture of students.

The structure of the work: this research work is presented with an introduction, three sections containing both theoretical and practical information, and a conclusion.


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