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Many people, especially children, like pets, commonly cats and dogs. However, tastes differ, and different people prefer different breeds. So, since ancient times people have always been interested in dog breeding inventing new species. Sometimes, it is not easy to predict what type of an animal will develop as a result of such experiment. What breeds predominate others?

I started being interested in this topic when three dogs were born at my grandfather’s work. I immediately adopted one of the puppies  called Mukhtar, while two others stayed at my grandpa’s with their mother. The mother-dog’s breed is East European Shepherd, while his father is a German Shepherd, though both of them are a mixture with a mongrel. I was wondering, how these puppies would grow and develop, how much they would resemble their parents and how much they would differ, what breed would prevail: East European Shepherd, German Shepherd or mongrel? All these questions became a great challenge for me and pushed me to further investigations.

The aim of the research was to reveal the common factors of growth and development of dogs (puppies), the degree of resemblance with parents.

The main tasks here were:

  1. to study the features of each breed;
  2. to measure the growth weekly and monthly;
  3. to make a comparative analysis of the physical resemblance with parents;
  4. to make a conclusion about the main patterns of inheritance.

The object of research is heredity and its influence on further generations; the subject of research is a puppy Mukhtar (and partially his brothers and parents).

Nowadays the problem of stray animals has become vital not only for Simferopol but for the whole country in general. The main reason for that is that dog owners taking a puppy and expecting it to be of certain characteristics often throw away an animal later when it appears to be quite different from what they wished it to be. In this case the significance of this work is hard to overestimate. Being aware of further development of a puppy we could avoid a lot of unpleasant consequences, thus, reducing the number of useless dogs in the streets.


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